Thirty years in programming, looking for something to do

From: Mike Robinson 
"Most" programming languages ... Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, Java.  Usually =
the deal is that there's already some existing application out there, =
it's in serious trouble (perhaps abandoned in favor of greener climes), =
and the task is to drop in and do it, always landing "four paws down."  =
There's been some stranger stuff ... Prolog, R.  Never a shortage in =
this world of half-finished stuff that's been left high and dry.

Can programming-languages be a hobby?  I think so.  I'm always poking =
around sites learning about new ones.  I've even written a few.  It's =
really interesting to me, to see how programming languages work and to =
see them as a power-tool for a particular class of problem.  There's a =
really challenging Terracache in this area (I think it's still alive) =
which at its various puzzle stages included both a very large Sudoku =
puzzle and a logic-problem ("The man with the blue tie is not standing =
up") with twenty-odd stages.  GNU Prolog not only solved both problems =
but, geek that I am, showed that one of the clues in the logic problem =
was not required to solve the problem.

Hobby or not, everyone starting on a new project picks their favorite =
and everybody's got a different favorite.  So, when they waltz on to the =
next gig and you're the one following 'em, you dance with the one that =
brung ya.

Mike Robinson
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