Mediatomb... or better?

From: Mike Harrison 

I'm diving into things I would not normally do at home, at the request of 
Princess Nancy and am wondering if ya'll had advice.

Her goal is encoding a big rubber tub of music and audio CD's and making 
them available to a player in her office, making the tub go away.

I tried to buy her a Logitech Squeezebox...
but she balked at the price. For now.

So, using what I have laying around I updated a Chumby Classic with Zurks 
offline firmware:
which works very well.. impressive. She likes the Chumby because it is 
cute, the speaker is good enough for her uses (quite background music).

I'm using a little Asus Atom netbook as a server. I tried using it in 
Squeezebox mode, but after burning some time playing with setting up 
"logitechmediaserver" (the current version of SqueezeServer) I did an 
"apt-get remove --purge logitechmediaserver" It seems to be quite the 
kludge with lots of competing documentation.

Following Zurks notes in a Readme file, I installed MediaTomb as a 
UPnP/DLNA server on the Netbook. I'm impressed. The Chumby does it well 
enough, and enabled a webserver for managing the playlist. It also worked 
very well with my Android Samsung Note II (I'm still liking it..) using 
"MediaHouse" as an App.

My Asus RT16 has a "minidlna" server in it, but it seems to be picky
about what it talks to. The Chumby can not see files in the folders,
but my phone dos.

I've decided to go down this road and do it well.

So, my question is: Is MediaTomb the best choice for a UPnP/DLNA
server? I see a lot of options.

What are ya'll liking for a UPnP/DLNA server and
what else are you using it for?

Mike Harrison  cell: 423.605.6943

=============================================================== From: Chris Mowery ------------------------------------------------------ I was using Mediatomb, used it for years, but recently switched to PS3 Media Server. They both work well, I use them for streaming content to my PCs and PS3. The main reason I switched is that PMS does a great job of live transcoding so I can stream mkv to my PS3 without any conversion. I also use it to share my music collection, I have been pleased. It will pull down album art and show video thumbnails also. Chris

=============================================================== From: Jason Brown ------------------------------------------------------ Once the music is ripped: I use Subsonic It's a media streaming system, php + other stuff. This way I keep everything centralized and never have to worry about syncing and updating. It works well from just a web interface and has good clients for mobile devices. I also use it in jukebox mode to control music in the house on the home stereo system from any device. --Jason

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ Thanks. Looks really nice for a heavier duty server. I stopped when I saw "apt-get install openjdk-6-jre" The netbook only has 1gb of ram.. 1.66ghz atom. The load with VLC playing music on it is .3 to .5

=============================================================== From: Lynn Dixon ------------------------------------------------------ +1 for Subsonic. Have it on my server and love it. I also highly recommend Plex Media Server: I use plex for streaming to my Roku and other devices, but I *Believe* there is a chumby app as well.

=============================================================== From: Matt Keys ------------------------------------------------------ That should be enough for subsonic although it may be a little slow loading at first. The last time I ran subsonic was back in 2009 on a P3 500mhz 512mb ram. I ran it on top of OpenFiler and it worked well. I wrote a tutorial if you're interested, but it's probably way outta date :