Untangle 5.0

From: Rich 
Has anybody heard or used Untangle 5.0?? It is a Spam Blocking and Web Filtering Linux Distro. I am looking for a setup for personal home use - just something to play around with mainly. 

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=============================================================== From: Christopher Rimondi ------------------------------------------------------ I haven't used version 5.0 yet but have used Untangle in the past. It did a solid job and will probably meet your needs. pfSense is another distro to look at, BSD based.

=============================================================== From: Nick Smith ------------------------------------------------------ Its been a few years but i use to use IPCop for that type of stuff, and if i recall it was built in. I havent looked at it recently. On Fri, Jan 4, 2013 at 1:33 PM, Christopher Rimondi wrote:

=============================================================== From: William Wade ------------------------------------------------------ I use IPCop on one network. I am not that impressed with it, but it works. I do not recall any spam filtering or web filtering, but the firewall and local dns work fairly well.