CAP needs donation: rack mounted network cable patches.

From: "" 
Good morning Universe:
The TN wing of the Civil Air Patrol is wiring its new headquarters in Alcoa 
TN and they need 'rack mounted network cable patches'.
What they are looking for (I'm not datacenter expert) are the panels that 
install on a rack to hold RJ-45 sockets that can be manually wired from the 

Any donation to CAP is fully tax deductible and will go for a good cause 
(CAP is the people that will be called to overfly the area where you got 
lost in the woods). 

As a perk, I'll fly the donor to Alcoa TN to personally deliver the 
goodies...   :)

PS: And it doesn't really matter if you pluck it out of your datacenter 
because the World will end in a couple of days...

=============================================================== From: "Alex Smith (K4RNT)" ------------------------------------------------------ You're looking for *patch panels*. Very easy to obtain. he