comodo anti virus for linux

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Any tried it ? yeah or nay?

=============================================================== From: "" ------------------------------------------------------ If you go to: and click on 'Frequent Questions', you get this set of alarmist, yellowish and half-true statements along the lines of: 'Linux was not heavily targeted by malware writer'... 'popularity of Linux amongst home users wasn't very high'... 'more lucrative to attack Windows because of its large user base'... ... Which may be true in the surface but does not reflect *REAL* reality, and it is (OBVIOUSLY!) targeted to scare naive and un-knowledgeable people. In other words: it smells like a scam... I can see the value of scanning messages for viruses on a mail gateway to protect M$ victims, which is NOT what this text is talking about. This old (and mostly valid) article is a lot better and truthful statement: There are so many simple tools that you can use to protect your box (tripware, md5sum, etc) that it seems like a waste 'knee jerk' reaction to apply a 'Window$ model' to a 'Linux World' Sounds like the kind of crap that our beloved 'guvment' does, like I've ever seen it to go for a 'knee jerk' reaction. I'd stay away from 'Comodo crap' (pun intended!) unless I ran a mail server for M$ victims and, in that case, my money is on Clamav: YMMV... ET Rod-Lists writes:

=============================================================== From: Rod-Lists ------------------------------------------------------ I don't disagree ET. But hopefully I get into the biz of making linux deployments that serve ms clients. So it would nice to have a good scanner. Especially for hot spots. ----- Original Message -----