Web developer gig at Chattanooga Public Library

From: Nate Hill 
Join us!

*Chattanooga Public Library is seeking a fun, wickedly smart individual to
work as a web developer and metadata geek.  The successful applicant will
build web applications for CPL working directly with our local history
department, our systems administrator, and our social media coordinator.
 An ideal applicant will also posses the smooth social skills needed to
guide the design and development of products with other library vendors.
 Join our awesome team!

The ideal candidate will be tight with:
HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript, jQuery and plugins
PHP and PHP Frameworks
MySQL and other databases
Both Windows and Linux (different flavors) environments
CMS experience: Drupal ideal, Wordpress ok, Omeka
Github or other version control solution
MARC, Dublin Core, EAD

Please send a resume to cooper