Postfix authetication

From: Stephen Haywood 
I installed postfix on xubuntu using apt-get install. Next, I configured
postfix to use SASL authentication by adding the following lines to


=============================================================== From: Dave Brockman ------------------------------------------------------ -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1

=============================================================== From: Stephen Haywood ------------------------------------------------------ Dave, thanks for your help. I have run into another problem but before I start troubleshooting it. Does anyone know of an SMTP server that has auth working out of the box? I am working on a script that automatically logs into an SMTP server and I just need to verify that my login logic is correct, ie I am sending the username and password with the proper encoding or I am answering the challenge response properly. I want the server to use the local users and /etc/shadow as the authentication database. Thoughts?

=============================================================== From: wes ------------------------------------------------------ if you're just trying to test it, use gmail. -wes