Monitoring and Log collection suggestions please

From: Lynn Dixon 
I am collecting suggesting for what you folks use for monitoring and log
collection/alerting.  I have an environment of 100 or Linux, AIX and other
*NIX variants that I would like to monitor.

I have tried the GrayLog2 for log collection and searching, but I dunno if
I like it that much. I have also looked into LogStash as well.

I have also read mixed reviews on Nagios for monitoring, and I have kinda
looked at Zabbix and Zenoss.

What do you recommend? any products you like?

=============================================================== From: Christopher Rimondi ------------------------------------------------------ I guess it all depends on what you are trying to log, but I like OSSEC a lot. If you haven't taken a look at Security Onion yet you need to. It takes less than ten minutes to get rolling and it comes with an OSSEC server already installed (although it is not difficult to build from source on your own box). You can also set up ELSA on Security Onion. ELSA is not quite Splunk (yet) but if you want raw, fast indexing and searching of logs it does the trick.

=============================================================== From: Stephen Kraus ------------------------------------------------------ Nagios, has a lot of other neat features for network management as well.