2 old computers, free to a good home. Must take it all.

From: Jeff Lanthripp 
My house is a wreck - way too much crap cluttering up the place. Some
of it is old computer stuff.

I have the following to get rid of, need the space. Free to a good
home. Whoever takes it must take it all. I am also posting this on
craigslist and freecycle.

Here's the list:

1st computer:
Intel P2 Celeron 366mhz, I think it has 256MB of RAM. I forget the
hard drive size, I think it's something like 20GB. Riva 128 video
card. some sort of DVD-ROM drive
Comes with HP PS/2 keyboard, optical mouse, and 15" CRT monitor. It's
in an Antec or Chieftec (can't remember which, but they're the same
thing) full-tower ATX case. It has a 10/100 ethernet card in it also.

2nd computer:
AMD Athlon XP 2500+ (Barton core at 1833mhz). 512MB RAM, 120GB ATA100
hard drive. CD-RW drive. nVidia GeForce 4400Ti AGP video card if I
recall correctly, dual-head. Built around an ASUS A7V8X-X motherboard.
Comes with (2) 17" NEC CRT monitors IBM Model M keyboard (clicky!) and
an optical wireless mouse.

email me at jeff.lanthripp@gmail.com - I will be available for pickup

Also, for anyone interested, I have two old HP Laserjet II printers
that have been in my toolshed for at least 8 years. If you want them,
let me know. You help me dig them out and they're yours.

Jeff Lanthripp

=============================================================== From: Jeff Lanthripp ------------------------------------------------------ I have a taker. If he doesn't show and the others that emailed me about it aren't interested any more or don't show I'll repost.

=============================================================== From: Zach Gibbens ------------------------------------------------------ Tim's got good use for them, Please do repost or email me if he doesn't, but he usually does. Thanks for the heads up On Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 2:53 PM, Jeff Lanthripp wrote: