OT? support

From: wes 
my company hits pretty low on all those metrics. we have about 10 indians
plus me and 1 more here in the states for escalations, supporting about 300
end-users both in the US and in india.


On Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 7:46 AM, Ed King  wrote:

> went to Google and searched for "support staff ratio" and found all sorts
> of
> "testimonials" and food for thought
> there's no right/wrong answer but considering
> 1) how many users we support
> 2) how many physical locations
> 3) how many servers
> 4) tech saavyness of our users
> 5) how many applications and their complexity
> I think we're doing pretty effin good with only 2 "support" people.
>  Good to
> have this thought out, the next time "someone" ask why we need "so much"
> support.
> cool, its almost time for my 2 hour lunch break
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> I'm not a PMP project manager nor do I play one on t.v.
> However, my team *delivers* and our systems make money for the company.
> We
> don't have any failed projects where the servers are sitting in storage
> room
> gathering dust.
> Now, I never said we were perfect.   Does our software have bugs?  Hell
> yeah it
> has bugs.   Some of them never got caught during testing because our field
> users
> are a lot more clever about breaking things than we are.
> Anyway, my question is, how many support personnel "should" be expected
> for any
> given software system of significant complexity?    I know thats kind of a
> vague
> question.
> I'd love to get some real world examples of how many support folks your
> software
> has (and the size/complexity of the system being supported)
> If a team is constantly cranking out new products, isn't it just common
> sense
> that the need for support going to increase?

=============================================================== From: Ed King ------------------------------------------------------ A certain company I know has... 14 servers 9 applications 3 physical locations 1060 users supported by 2 people on a daily basis, with 2 other people "on tap" if needed. Seems like a darn good ratio to me, yet, we're, I mean they, are under the gun to "become more profitable." Support, of course, is seen as unprofitable. Maybe we, I mean they, should just turn off the damn lights, lock the building, and go home? That would save all kinds of money! Yeah!

=============================================================== From: wes ------------------------------------------------------ if you have 9 applications out there spread across 1060 users, you, I mean they, are not monetizing the apps well enough. I'm all for user-friendliness, but there is no reason you, I mean they, should be paying people to use any app. -wes

=============================================================== From: Ed King ------------------------------------------------------ how can you say that if you don't have a clue what the apps are? we service a very niche market I've been told we're the market leader... so why am I driving a Chevy Nova instead of a Mercedes? Oh yeah... because I want to, lol

=============================================================== From: wes ------------------------------------------------------ if there's an app that someone is willing to pay me to use then sign me up cuz I want on board that wagon (at least while it's still rolling) -wes

=============================================================== From: Ed King ------------------------------------------------------ save this thread and come back to it when you get sober