ZipIt - ZipIt Good

From: Chad Smith 
So, yeah, I had to give a shout out to Devo, but I'm not sure if the ZipIt
Z2 is good or not yet.  I want to put OpenWRT on it, or Debian, but I'm not
sure which.

I know a while back, Stephen Kraus was thinking about getting one and
playing with it, but that was a long time ago, and I'm not sure if he ever
got one or not.

Anyway, it was $15 on ebay, so I have one now.

For those of you who don't know, (which may be everyone) a ZipIt is a
pocket-size clamshell device with WiFi that was built for Texting.  Even
out of the box it's a neat little thing.  Looks like a doll-sized laptop.

It has:

   - QWERTY keyboard
   - A direction pad and some other function keys
   - Color Display
   - WiFi
   - MiniSD slot
   - Speaker
   - Headphone jack
   - some sort of serial port on the back

My goal is basically to install some other OS and let it do basic web
surfing, email, RSS, that type of thing.  I've seen it actually do Hulu
streaming somehow - but it was all CLI based and not really something I
need to do.  I'd also like to play NES games on it, just to say I did.

Really - it's all just to say I did.  It's not like I will be using this
thing as a daily tool or anything.

I've seen hacks that involve mouse emulation (via the d-pad I assume) and
hooking USB up to the port on the back to use a real mouse and/or keyboard.

Any advice on which path I should choose?  (Basically between OpenWRT and
Debian/Ubuntu - but if you have other options, please share!)

*- Chad W. Smith*