Lovin' Linux

From: Eric Wolf 
I'm having to travel to conferences on my own dime thanks to the GSA's
party in Vegas. One side effect is that I'm not supposed to use my work
laptop when I'm not travelling for work. Since I've relied on my work
laptop and netbook for the past couple years, I was facing a dilemma.

When I "upgraded' my wife to her MacBook, that left her 2006-vintage
Toshiba Satellite ($329 at OfficeDepot) free. I had some spare RAM floating
around that fit, so I upgraded it to 2GB RAM. I also temporarily freed up a
240GB SSD. With Ubuntu 12.04, I hardly notice the low-end in 2006
single-core Pentium M CPU.

A large part of it, I'm sure, is the SSD. I'm sure y'all are tired of me
ranting about it... but if you are still using spinny disks, you are
wasting your life!

FYI: I freed up the 240GB drive by replacing it with a pair of 240GB OCZ
Agility III drives setup with RAID0 on my desktop workstation. That thing
is FAST!

Eric B. Wolf                           720-334-7734