Editorial in the TFP criticizing EPB gig

From: Ralph Edge 

I'm assuming they're talking about the same Aaron thats on the list.  Did
they really quote $50k for Iron Labs gig service?

=============================================================== From: Aaron Welch ------------------------------------------------------ What they quoted $50k for was the value of the opportunity for advertising v= alue of the partnership. The service was $9,000 A MONTH. We were offering t= o do gaming servers just for "on-net" customers that would not cost them a d= ime to service on their own network. This whole thing went to prove that th= e people touting the gig have no idea how it would work in real life. -AW anooga-free-press-opini/?opinionfreepress hey really quote $50k for Iron Labs gig service?

=============================================================== From: Ralph Edge ------------------------------------------------------ wow, $108k/year. mind == blown

=============================================================== From: Jason Brown ------------------------------------------------------ Aaron, I fully support you here. EPB has brought a great product to the home here in Chattanooga, it just can't be beat. BUT if they want to cater to businesses and bring technology here they have to get the costs down on these connections. Overhead like that keeps most new businesses from starting up at all. I have had similar experiences with EPB. Jason Brown