Daily Digest Still Broken / Archives Broken / Chugalug-owner@chugalug.org broken

From: Geoffrey Climer 
I've still yet to receive a daily digest from Chugalug.

In addition, if you go to http://chugalug.org, you can't click on "Mailing
List" then "Chugalug Archives" to view the archives anymore.

In addition to THAT, e-mailing chugalug-owner@chugalug.org (which is the
mailto: at the bottom of the Mailing List page) returns an "undeliverable"

Just thought you guys might like to know.

-- Geoffrey

=============================================================== From: Geoffrey Climer ------------------------------------------------------ Sorry, I should add that this all started around the end of August. My settings were changed somehow to receive every e-mail as it came through, instead of digest mode. When I switched back to digest, I never got any from that point on. -- -- Geoffrey

=============================================================== From: Matthew Badeau ------------------------------------------------------ I have the same problem and I had problems logging into the web interface to adjust my settings. It didn't recognize my uname and pwd.

=============================================================== From: John Aldrich ------------------------------------------------------ Quoting Matthew Badeau : That's because it's on a new installation and none of the settings got saved when Mike moved the list to a new server. New random passwords were generated, I believe, so you have to ask it to send you your new password, at which time you can log in and change it to whatever you like.