OT: Meat (was GoDaddy DDNS by Anonymous)

From: Lynn Dixon 
Nice!  I love my Big Green Egg.  If you have never cooked on one, I highly
recommend it.

 I cook my  3/4" steaks at about 600-650 degrees, 2 minutes on each side,
with the the lid closed so it retains moisture. Then I flip one last time
with the Egg completely shut down so all thats left is the smoke, and cook
them to the proper internal temperature.  The Big Green Egg's are a komodo
style cooker, so they hold heat and moisture like its no body's business.
 When you close off the dampers, its almost air tight in there.

Makes a mean slow cooker, and smoker as well. Not to mention a brick oven
if you buy a "plate setter" Eggcessory.  I am an EggHead if you can't tell.

On Thu, Sep 13, 2012 at 10:32 PM, Dan Lyke  wrote:

> On Thu, 13 Sep 2012 22:25:27 -0400
> Lynn Dixon  wrote:
> > All this talk of steak had me wanting to cook one. Heres a NY strip I
> > cooked on my Big Green Egg tonight.
> Yum. We went for pork chops, brined with juniper berries, cloves, bay
> leaves and garlic. But now you've got me wanting to run over to the
> local farm and pick up some cow...
> Dan