An introduction, and a meeting announcement

From: "Chris St. Pierre" 

My name is Chris St. Pierre, and I want to be your president.

A quick intro: I live in Rockwood, in Roane County, and work from remote 
as a Linux SA for a company in Brooklyn, NY.  I was turned on to 
Chugalug by Lynn Dixon, who I met on the IRCs.

At any rate, in Knoxville we've got a local chapter of LOPSA, the League 
of Professional Sysadmins, going, with monthly meetings and everything. 
  Our next meeting is September 4th at 6 pm downtown Knoxville.  I hear 
tell that there is beer available.  The talk will be about Apache 
performance tuning; the speaker, Chris Layton, is a former coworker and 
I can tell you from experience that he's a performance tuning and 
metrics wizard.

The speaker:

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ Absolutely beautiful! You aren't done being Preident until after the meeting. Even if it is in Knoxville, and even if you don't make it. --Mike--

=============================================================== From: Bret McHone ------------------------------------------------------ Finally something in my neck of the woods! -B