From: Sean Brewer 
Anyone doing this?: http://hackanooga-2012.eventbrite.com/

=============================================================== From: Ed King ------------------------------------------------------ Had not heard of it til now. Sounds like it could be a lotta phun. Nate, they mention library science ------------------------------

=============================================================== From: Sean Brewer ------------------------------------------------------ I signed up. When I last checked, they had 25 slots left. Registration closes tomorrow.

=============================================================== From: Nate Hill ------------------------------------------------------ Yes, I've got a specific project for the 4th floor in the works. I'd love to get people from this group hacking away at it. How does this grab you? ----- Imagine an immersive, interactive information environment where a map of the city of Chattanooga is projected onto the floor. Looking and walking around the map, you orient yourself. First you find the street you live on and step over to it. You tap your foot twice and zoom in. Cool! You scuff your foot to the left and zoom back out. Next you find the location of the art museum and the piece of public sculpture you love. You tap your foot once on an icon, and another projector lights up the wall with information about this piece of sculpture. A life size photograph of a Tom Otterness bronze is displayed, along with biographical information about the artist and suggestions of other similar works nearby or in other cities. Links to resources about Otterness, bronze casting, and public art from the library catalog and across the internet are displayed as well. The Otterness sculpture is actually a part of a larger exhibition, a tour of public art in Chattanooga. When you discover this, you tap again and all of the other items on this tour light up on the floor around you. This is a proposal to create an interactive digital map of the city of Chattanooga that would be projected on the concrete floor of the fourth floor space in the Chattanooga Public Library. The map would make use of projection mapping technology, gig-speed wireless connectivity, Esri GIS data, and Open Street Maps to create an inverted augmented reality space. This map would be an exhibition space, an urban planning tool, and an educational asset for Chattanooga. In addition, the map could link to other gig-speed communities featuring similar compatible geographic interfaces and exhibitions.

=============================================================== From: Sean Brewer ------------------------------------------------------ That is a really cool idea.

=============================================================== From: Nate Hill ------------------------------------------------------ come and help with the actual making? i'm guilty of too many ideas and not enough skilz to build it.

=============================================================== From: "K. Elise Walker" ------------------------------------------------------ I'm trying to start up my own mapping project - but it's going to be based around UE - I want to do some photography/mapping of historic buildings and tunnel systems in town that are "endangered" either from demolition, urban decay, etc. I'm building my team right now. If your map takes off, how would you feel about doing spin off maps - I'm trying to get USGS and UER membership involved so I can try to find a legal way to get into the underground downtown to do a mapping project there for instance. We could do so many cool maps of interesting/little known/historic etc location in Chattanooga that would be great educational/interactive exhibits! The first building I'm planning on mapping/exploring/ etc is the old Parkway Towers as it's actually scheduled for demolition to make way for condos. It housed the first electric/public utility company in Chattanooga around the teens-twenties and it's a crime it was never preserved. If you think that your maps idea and my maps idea could be compatible let me know.

=============================================================== From: Adam Jimerson ------------------------------------------------------ This is just an FYI there still are 24 open seats for this, it also looks like it is (loosely) part of the Mozilla Ignite Engine contest to help "build the web you want". You can find a list of all ideas for that here https://mozillaignite.org/ideas/list/

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ Maybe. I signed up and intend to go. What really blew my mind was the very pornographic Chattanooga Chamber logo at the bottom.

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ If you mean the derilect heavy metals contaminated super fund site next to the (insert current name here) pavillion and the MFGD stadium, that is why.. it's no longer on the list: http://epa.gov/region4/superfund/sites/sites.html#TN But it used to be and I think is still heavily contanimated. Most of the problem was from a company that was there for many years and used various chemicals to extract precious metals from electronics and equipment. I did not know that it had been sold recently. http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/2008/aug/27/chattanooga-parkway-towers-fetches-418500/ Please be careful: "In May 2005 a teenager was paralyzed after falling from the building while trying to photograph the Chattanooga skyline, according to newspaper accounts."

=============================================================== From: "Daniel L. Appleget" ------------------------------------------------------ GO SIGN UP NOW! http://hackanooga-2012-es2.eventbrite.com/?rank=6 See you there.

=============================================================== From: Ed King ------------------------------------------------------ can it be programmed such that, if someone pulls up the Blue Rhino as their favorite sculpture, the Rhino "comes alive" and charges at them in 3-d?

=============================================================== From: Dee Holtsclaw ------------------------------------------------------ And your street invokes a Chevy complete with a turret-mounted water-cannon?

=============================================================== From: "K. Elise Walker" ------------------------------------------------------ Yeah there are some other reasons why the kid took the fall.. if you see a flimsy wooden board going across a big hole.. DON'T STEP ON IT! And anywhere I go into I intend to use respirator, ppe, etc. I have access to it and have been trained on how to use it in relation to various chemicals, etc. according to OSHA health and safety regulations. As in - smurf suit, air filtering respirator, goggles, gloves if needed, safety boots, etc. Basically - yes aware of dangers but I'm doing my research on what I need to do to be able to do this as SAFELY as possible. Another place I would love to get access to is the old US Steel plant beside I-24 on the way into town. But, that site is still partially functioning so I doubt I will be able to get into it for a while. Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 6:51 AM, Mike Harrison wrote:

=============================================================== From: Chad Smith ------------------------------------------------------ My grandfather used to be a security guard / night watchman at that plant years ago. I never got to go, but it does look very cool driving past. *- Chad W. Smith*