Ubuntu Unity Tweaks and usability Was:Window Managers....

From: Jason Brown 
Speaking of window managers and Ubuntu. I have been using Unity for a 
while, and it took some getting used to.
Here are some things I did to make it usable for me, they may help you.

*) The Launcher takes some getting used to and one of the problems I had 
was figuring out which windows I currently have open (It's not unusual 
for me to have 15 ssh sessions running).  This helps a lot by giving a 
list of the running window titles when you right click on a Launcher 
icon: http://www.theopensourcerer.com/2012/03/16/unity-window-quicklists/

*) Global menus:  I hate global menus. I wish I could disable them on my 
Mac too: 
Firefox and Thunderbird have plugins that move their menu to the global 
menu, if you use those you will have to disable those plugins too.

*) Creating your own quicklists / launcher icons:  These are just useful:

*) And, I have not used these but many people swear by them for tweaking:

I hope some of that helps someone.


On 07/25/2012 09:10 AM, Jason Brown wrote:
> That has to be my favorite thing about Compiz, not that it has fun 3d 
> things, but that I can tweak all of those things in exactly the way I 
> want.
> In Ubuntu / Unity I think Compiz Settings Manager should be installed 
> by default though, it's too useful to leave all those settings 
> unavailable to the average user.
> --Jason
>> I installed the Compbiz configuration utilities and turned "grid" off,
>> as most of that snapping was driving me nuts.