RE: Chattanooga Public Library

From: Garrett Gaston 

When do you think you'll have the 4th floor ready for a meeting? Is it some=
thing we can stop by and check out. And who knows=2C maybe give you a hand.

Date: Thu=2C 19 Jul 2012 09:10:35 -0400
Subject: [Chugalug] Chattanooga Public Library

Hi all!
My name is Nate Hill.  I'm new to Chattanooga.  I just moved here from Cali=
fornia to act as the Assistant Director for Technology and Digital Initiati=
ves at the Chattanooga Public Library. =20

I wanted to reach out to your group to talk to you a little bit about some =
big plans here at the downtown library.  It is early yet=2C but I'm working=
 on a scheme to turn our vacant=2C huge 4th floor into an art & technology =
space.  I won't get into great detail in this email=2C but one component of=
 what I'm planning up there is a public media lab and hacker dojo type spac=
e.  We've got the gig connection=2C space=2C and community=2C so it is real=
ly just a matter of getting organized. =20

I'd *love* to get input from your group about how you'd like to see this pl=
ay out.  I'd also love for the space to become somewhere a group like this =
one might choose to regularly meet and hang out.

Right now the 4th floor reamins a largely empty room with some beat up old =
furniture in it that has to be removed.  I'd like to offer to host a group =
meeting there so I could meet a bunch of you and talk about it.  Interested=

btw=2C I'm a pretty new Linux user.  So you'll have to hang with me as I st=
ruggle to keep up with some of your topics :)

Nate Hill