From: Eric Wolf 
PogoPlug recently ran a special. For $20 a year you get their "family
backup" package which includes a USB2 PogoPlug. Since there's no contract,
I read this as "$20 for a fun little Linux box!"

I haven't had time to start hacking the PogoPlug but I did set it up with a
2TB USB drive on my Gigabit LAN. I really like the way I can access content
from my Android devices. For instance, videos I download and convert on my
PC automatically show up and can be streamed on my Kindle Fire. All of my
MP3s can be streamed to my Android phone. I now have backups of both my
workstation and my wife's MacBook.

However accessing files is dreadfully slow. And the user interface really,
really sucks especially if you have 120GB of MP3s or 60GB of photos.

I know there's a community of people hacking the PogoPlug but I'm wondering
if I'd be better off installing the PogoPlug software on my Linux
workstation and turn the Plug into something else...


Eric B. Wolf                           720-334-7734