Chattanooga Public Library + a side note

From: Elise Walker 
I wanna learn!
I always want to learn something..

Side note to Nate....     if you call a chugalunch.. please do it on a =
weekend where I can show up! Remember guys I work graveyard shift and so =
if it's not on a weekend I can't go and there is alot of stuff I could =
benefit from in the meetings that I don't get to be a part of...=20

On Jul 19, 2012, at 9:52 AM, wrote:

> I like the idea, and I volunteer to teach C/C++ at any level.
> ET=20
> John Aldrich writes:=20
>> Quoting Nate Hill :=20
>>> Hi all! My name is Nate Hill.  I'm new to Chattanooga.  I just moved =
here from
>>> California to act as the Assistant Director for Technology and =
>>> Initiatives at the Chattanooga Public Library. I wanted to reach out =
to your group to talk to you a little bit about some
>>> big plans here at the downtown library.  It is early yet, but I'm =
>>> on a scheme to turn our vacant, huge 4th floor into an art & =
>>> space.  I won't get into great detail in this email, but one =
component of
>>> what I'm planning up there is a public media lab and hacker dojo =
>>> space.  We've got the gig connection, space, and community, so it is =
>>> just a matter of getting organized. I'd *love* to get input from =
your group about how you'd like to see this
>>> play out.  I'd also love for the space to become somewhere a group =
>>> this one might choose to regularly meet and hang out. Right now the =
4th floor reamins a largely empty room with some beat up old
>>> furniture in it that has to be removed.  I'd like to offer to host a =
>>> meeting there so I could meet a bunch of you and talk about it.  =
Interested? btw, I'm a pretty new Linux user.  So you'll have to hang =
with me as I
>>> struggle to keep up with some of your topics :)=20
>> Welcome, Nate.
>> I like the idea, and as someone who has to suffer through using  =
Windows, I applaud anyone who uses an alternative O/S. :D I'd like to =
suggest a couple ideas related to what you had in mind.  First, I'd like =
to maybe suggest that you make the area available to  groups like =
CHUGALUG who would like to promote the use of non-MS  operating system =
to the general public. My idea would be that maybe we  could promote a =
couple community get-togethers to hand out "LIVE" CDs  of Linux so =
people could try it and publicize it to those who come in  and out of =
the library. Also, when the time comes, we could, at least  in theory, =
have a few older machines to demonstrate what can be done  in Linux and =
do an "install fest" on those machines. Another idea would be to have =
some "intro" classes to Linux or  programming using  Free / Open-source =
software like GNU C/C++. It  might help people get jobs if they learn =
how to program. Maybe another  class idea would be to teach web design =
using Drupal or something  similar. I know that there is a Drupal User's =
Group in Chattanooga (I  believe some of the members are on this list as =
well) so maybe one of  them could volunteer to teach the class. Just a =
couple ideas on how to use your new "technology space" at the  library. =