Weird virtualbox...

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Well, the Gnomes are at work (again) in my box and I could certainly use 
some help to evict them... 

This is what's happening:
I use:
'ssh -fCXY user@remotebox run-something'
a lot.
Works every time.
Or 'mostly' every time... 

Now when I run (ONLY from *MY* box):
ssh -fCXY turboviking virtualbox
I get:
*** glibc detected *** /usr/lib/virtualbox/VirtualBox: malloc(): memory 
corruption: 0x099c5e48 ***
And a long trace. 

This is the quick rundown of how it broke:
My desktop was having hiccups and I decided to replace whatever I had (can't 
remember what) with the latest Xubuntu.
After that, the problem started.
This problem, coupled with other issues, led me to scrap Xubuntu and install 
the latest Mint/Mate.
Problem didn't go away...
The Xubuntu and Mint installations were fresh from-scratch installs, the 
only thing I preserved was my home directory. 

So the conclusion was evident: there is something in my /home/directory 
causing the problem.
Created another user, rebooted the box and logged in with the new user.
Same $#!T...   :( 

Now, ANYTHING else that I have fired up works just fine.
And If I run the exact same instruction from other of my local boxes, it 
works fine too!
It is ONLY 'vitualbox in my box' that fails.
But it used to work just fine... 

Now the (unsolvable and incomprehensible to me) question is:
What could possibly be breaking the whole 'remote SSH run' mechanism (ONLY 
for Virtualbox) in my box, which used to work fine before, and works fine 
from everywhere else.
Other than sacrificing another goat and burying some transistors and garlic 
wrapped on anti-static paper at midnite with no Moon, I don't know what to 

I have seen Virtualbox do weird things before when ran it remotely under 
X/SSH, but this blows my (little) mind.  :(
Any ideas?

=============================================================== From: "" ------------------------------------------------------ Well, I was able to determine that the 'malloc' error is happening in *MY* box (I thought it was happening on the *other* box), so I booted my box with a 'Rescatux' CD, installed SSH, did: ssh -fCXY user@remote virtualbox and it worked... What that means to me is that both, the last Xubuntu and the last Mint, have some weird interaction (kernel, video drivers, chipset, who knows) that causes the problem. I am also having issues because my box was either rebooting X or rebooting the whole enchilada, so I did run a memtest86+ for several hours without issues and I expect the hardware to be trustworthy. It is some sort of hardware disliking software issue. Or so I hope.. Now the question that I am trying to answer is: which distro should I install to avoid this nightmare? The quest goes on... ET PS: This box has an ATI video card, should I expect a Nvidia to have better results? I have always have a better luck with Nvidia, but YMMV... writes:

=============================================================== From: "Alex Smith (K4RNT)" ------------------------------------------------------ I've found that NoMachine NX gets around a lot of these problems, at least for me. If you configure your client profiles within the NX client, you can have it start up just a single application, instead of working the GUI environment. I've previously used Firefox, BOINC client, Thunderbird and Evolution like this. YMMV. * g .. ks w