OT: Dr. Jeff Humphries (A cybersecurity nut) Joins Computer Science Faculty

From: David White 
Not sure how many (any?) Covenant grads are on this list, but I found this
to be very interesting: They've hired a cybersecurity nut, and will be
starting this fall.

I've already emailed my friend in admissions to get the full scoop; since
I'm an alum, coursework is CHEAP for credit, and I think free if I audit
the class... since these are skills I really want to be honing right now,
this looks really interesting.


As an aside, I'm also going to a missionary IT conference out in Colorado
Springs next week and am looking forward to some of the workshops that are
covering security. Looks like a good line-up of information.

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=============================================================== From: John Hunt ------------------------------------------------------ David, It's on my list to put out a letter to alumni. The very short version is we will be offering a 4 course rotation, 1 course per semester starting in fall. We are going to try it in a 4pm slot hoping that that will be easier than mid-day (and to be honest when you have a day job for us to work evenings is not very enticing). We are hoping that this will work for alumni, and yes it will cost $33 per credit hour or $132 for alumni. Jeff is very legitimately an expert and I expect his courses to be very worthwhile. We don't have a real good mechanism to allow non-traditional students that are alumni in on this. Cheers - John