Need some mercenary AS400 v5r3 help...

From: Mike Harrison 

I'm looking for someone clueful on an AS400 v5r3
with DB2 that I have very limited access to via a VPN
that is sometimes up and operational, to move some data
in and out of 2 tables on that system.  Actually, we could
survive if it was just from the Linux server to the DB2 server.
I can write out the SQL needed on Linux, and put it on a share or FTP...
But I need some help getting it transfered to the DB2 server
and loaded. They tell me I am limited to 'Control Language' and 'RPG',
and while I can find documentation about Net.Data, REXX and even PHP
for that version of AS400, no-one there has a clue.

Willing to pay someone for a quick lesson and some help.
Know anyone? Please pass this email on.

--Mike--  423-605-6943

=============================================================== From: Christopher Rimondi ------------------------------------------------------ iSeries Navigator is THE tool to use for managing 400s. It is a pretty straight forward GUI. However, it runs on Windows. I know a few shops that run AS400s. I'll pass this along to the admins to see if they could help.

=============================================================== From: John Aldrich ------------------------------------------------------ Mike, if you get desperate, Chadwick and Associates in Dalton is a good place to call. They do almost nothing BUT AS/400. They are the authors of the CAMS program which a lot of carpet companies use to handle everything from order entry to shipping carpet out the door. :D The person you'd probably want to ask for is Gary Narramore. Another option is a guy who's semi-retired from Chadwick by the name of Kevin Pettyjohn. If you need it, I can probably dig up his phone number.