Not quite a Chugalunch.. but..

From: Mike Harrison 

Miller Plaza on Friday's has become quite the place for lunch.
Foodie trucks with a wide variety of delicious stuff, plus
a socially open and friendly environment.

I'm heading that way in a bit.. the Empanadas from the
"Taste of Argentina" truck are calling my name. Yummie meat pies. :)

Maybe I'll see someone I know there.. I'll be with Nancy,
but it's Friday.. in a sociable, relaxed and geeky mood.

I'll move it should be a regular
Friday Chugalunch/Geeky lunch group meeting.

=============================================================== From: Rod-Lists ------------------------------------------------------ wish I had seen this. Tste of Argentina would have been better than taco hell. btw the Korean Taco place was interesting ----- Original Message -----

=============================================================== From: David White ------------------------------------------------------ I would have been down there, but Friday for us in my IT department was... interesting to say the least. I've resorted to using DEFCON levels to describe the intensity / urgency / situations we encounter, and Friday was certainly below a DEFCON 3 for a little bit. I'm just happy the afternoon slowed down and I was able to get out of there for a long weekend! I work right beside Miller Plaza, and I'll probably be down there on Fridays quite a bit this summer... although buying out all the time can get pricey.