Dell 610 for Linux Server?

From: Mike Harrison 

Dave specifically, and list:

I remember Dave or someone ranting something about Dell 610's
and raid controllers as Linux servers. We have a customer
that wants to use one for a primary application server (it meets bid 

Anyone have any comments about Dell 610's in either Tower or Rack Mount 
versions with their basic "SAS 6/iR integrated HD controller"
for what will probably be a 12.04 LTS Server ?

They think a 'mirror' is good enough... and I am cringing, I like hot 
spares and more disks..  but...

Any thoughts?


=============================================================== From: Lynn Dixon ------------------------------------------------------ I am not sure about the Dell 610, but I can tell you that the Dell PERC 5i and 6i raid controllers are really good raid controllers. I am using a Dell PERC 5i in a homebrew machine right now, and I have been a big fan of them. They are essentially LSI MegaRAID SAS controllers with Dell branding. I can also tell you that the kernel fully supports the raid controllers, and if you run an .rpm package manager, you can install the LSI MegaRAID software to manage the raid controller from within the OS. Hope that helps!

=============================================================== From: Jason Brown ------------------------------------------------------ I've not used the 610 but the raid controller support on other Dell servers in Ubuntu server has been top notch. We have a lot of 1950 series servers running mirrored drives. If you don't need a ton of I/O speed they are pretty awesome. 99.9 % of the time I find mirrors to be more than adequate. Hot spares and more disks are no replacement for regular and tested backups and mirror + good backup make me happy. If downtime is critical enough to need more disks and hot spares, in my opinion you should have a whole redundant server. DRBD for files, mysql master / slave for data. (or multi master) with some heartbeat scripts you can have a complete server failure and keep going. But then, if you are getting to that level do you have a redundant router? Redundant switch? What about data connections? --Jason

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=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ Lynn/Dave: I owe one or both of ya'll a beer. That was the part I remember. It now has a PERC 6 controller spec'd.. We'll see what they actually source and deliver.