Stack Overflow Meetup: April 28

From: David White 
I'm an active member of Serverfault and other Stack Exchange sites, and saw
this bit about Stack Overflow meetups happening around the world on
Saturday, April 28th:

Here's the specific link to Chattanooga. Looks like a couple people have
already gotten the ball rolling:

I may not go (but then again, I might). However, it seemed like it would be
fairly interesting to several folks on here, so take it or leave it.

Are you going?

- David

PS: I'd be interested in having a Chugalug lunch sometime... I've never
actually attended any of the lunches, but I just might declare myself
president one of these days and plan it.

- David White -
Smooth Stone Services
Computer Technical Support, IT Services, & Web Hosting Solutions
for Nonprofit Organizations

=============================================================== From: Ed King ------------------------------------------------------ you just did :) so, President White, where are we having the next Chugalunch?

=============================================================== From: Adam Jimerson ------------------------------------------------------ Don't forget to say when as well this has caused a bit of chaos in the past with people tying to figure this out.

=============================================================== From: Mike Harrison ------------------------------------------------------ It's all very clear in the "bylaws": ================================================== Any list member can call or host a meeting. Send a message to the list with "What, When, Where". You will be declared President of Chugalug for your effort, typically for a month or until someone else calls a meeting. Chugalug meetings have been held in Florida, California, St. Louis, S. America, S. Africa, Caribbean Islands, London.. It just takes two or more Chugalug members to meet to be a meeting. =================================================== -- Mike Harrison - heavily filtered public address 423-605-6943