OT: Project Management / Timekeeping / Version Control

From: Lisa Ridley 
Hey Guys,

I'm looking for a good solution for a version control / project =
management / timekeeping system.  I recently took a job as a project =
manager for a small software consulting company, and we are struggling a =
little bit with the project management software side of things.

We are currently using Git for version control (which works great), and =
Redmine for our project management package.  The version control =
browsing capabilities built into Redmine are a definite plus.

I've got both running on a Rackspace cloud server configured with 2GB =
RAM, with an Apache web server and Passenger, and we are having =
performance issues with Redmine being slow on startup.  In addition, we =
need better time tracking than the base Redmine install can provide.  To =
clarify, the built-in time tracking is OK, but we need better reporting. =
 Plus I'm spending too much time having to restart the server because =
Redmine has decided, for whatever reason, to die again.  It's making me =
uncomfortable relying on this as our primary means of managing workflow.

I'm fine with patching together a series of software solutions (doesn't =
have to be a one-stop-shopping solution, but the components do need to =
integrate).  If I have to cobble together, I'd prefer they be in PHP =
(it's the language I know best).

What I'm looking for is:

1.  Git version control (no compromise here)
2.  Project Management / Ticketing system that has access control to =
allow me to grant clients access to certain parts of the reporting =
aspects (but not all).  Integration with Git where tickets can be =
commented with git commit messages and tied to related version control =
commits is a definite plus.
3.  Documentation system (wiki based is good) -- also need granular =
control for client access.
4.  Asset management (ability to upload designer files and client =
5.  Timekeeping that integrates with the ticketing system to track time =
spent on tickets as well as time spent on non-billable activities.
6.  Doesn't require a dedicated bank of servers to achieve an acceptable =
level of performance.

I've used Bugzilla and MantisBT in the past for bug tracking -- both =
integrate well with version control, but don't have documentation and =
timekeeping processes in place.

I may be able to tune what I have in place to improve performance, and =
install modules or plugins to achieve the timekeeping and reporting =
aspect, but I can't seem to find a module that will provide what I need =
that works with the version of Redmine we are running; besides the =
sluggish performance is an issue.



What are you using that works, and what are the pros and cons of your =

Lisa Ridley