RE: Running network cable outside

From: Stephen Walker 
I have a client that did. =20

The last storm degraded the physical cable to the point that it would
not work at all.  Lightning arrestors did not prevent the surge but I
will say that they did not have anything properly grounded.

The charges in the ground can travel miles - I believe the geological
profile there has a high ore content or something.

We advised them to put in fiber originally but they put in copper anyway
so it was a hard lesson for them to learn.

We just replaced the copper with fiber after they kept getting their
equipment fried. =20

It is a gamble. =20

But if the equipment is cheap, the connection is not important and you
are not concerned about fire then go for it!

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So I'm building this new workshop, and I'm about to dig the electrical
trench. We've talked about cameras in the shop, to tie the space to
the house a little bit better, create some virtual presence between
the house and the shop.

I could put a WiFi router with a soup can directional antenna pointing
back to the house, but I could also bury some Cat5 or what-have-you in
the electrical trench and have some real throughput between the house
and the shop.

Anyone have experience with either direct burial of network wire
(preferred), or running it in plastic conduit? Any successes, gotchas,
or brand recommendations?