laptop batteries

From: John Aldrich 
If you need to replace the battery on your laptop do you go get the OEM or 
do you try aftermarket batteries? I need to replace the battery on this 
Compaq, because it has 0% charge, despite being constantly on A/C for the 
past several days. So, either the battery is shot or the charging circuit 
doesn't work. I'm leaning towards a dead battery.

Amazon has an aftermarket 12-cell battery for $40. BatteriesPlus has a 
similar battery for like $100. HP/Compaq wants $150 for the 12-cell 

What would you guys do? I'm leaning towards the $40 battery, 'cause even if 
it dies at 366 days (one day after the warranty) it's still cheaper to get 
a new one and replace the old one than to buy an OEM battery!

=============================================================== From: Bret McHone ------------------------------------------------------ Check the guarantee, read reviews and don't rely on us to make your decisions for you. Sometimes making the wrong decision on your own teaches you much more than having someone else make the right one for you. -B

=============================================================== From: John Aldrich ------------------------------------------------------ Well, the Amazon battery has a one year guarantee. Not sure what the guarantee on the OEM or BatteriesPlus battery is... Just checked... the OEM battery only has a 1 year warranty. So, at least that's no better than the Amazon battery.

=============================================================== From: John Aldrich ------------------------------------------------------ For the record, I had a similar discussion on another list where I was discussing batteries for a work laptop. Most folks there stated they would NEVER buy a battery from a 3rd party. :D I think it's hard to argue against going with the OEM, on the other hand, if there's no benefit for three times the Amazon price, why do it?

=============================================================== From: Stephen Kraus ------------------------------------------------------ And i can take your old batteries, i need the lithium

=============================================================== From: Aaron Welch ------------------------------------------------------ I do not think I want to know why. -AW

=============================================================== From: John Aldrich ------------------------------------------------------ Ok. I usually take 'em to the transfer station here, as they take old batteries to recycle. But if you want 'em, I'll be glad to give 'em to you. :D