Python and graphing/statistical libraries

From: Ryan Macy 
I'm working on a "do-anything" analytic program (integrates into [oracle,
mssql, mysql, postgresql] + [windows server, *nix] + [web
applications{python, php, ruby, javascript}])  and was curious if CHUGALUG
had library recommendations?

I know there are a couple of Python prodigies on this list ;-)


=============================================================== From: Eric Wolf ------------------------------------------------------ Numpy comes to mind for raw scientific computing. Rpy is probably the next best (R+Python) -Eric -=--=---=----=----=---=--=-=--=---=----=---=--=-=- Eric B. Wolf 720-334-7734

=============================================================== From: Sean Brewer ------------------------------------------------------ Agreed. Sage is all of the good Python math libraries combined together. It's a standalone type deal, but you might find it useful: