From: John Aldrich 
Note for anyone who's trying to use VNC on a new install: make sure your 
xstartup in your .vnc folder is executable. :D I found out the hard way 
when I was setting up a Debian test machine and couldn't figure out why I 
kept getting a solid grey screen when I had a window manager specified. Then 
I compared permissions between the Fedora box and the Debian box. :D Little 
things like that'll get ya every time! :D

=============================================================== From: Cameron Kilgore ------------------------------------------------------ I also suggest using SSH tunneling with VNC. VNC has no native encryption and the passwords are inherently weak. --Cameron

=============================================================== From: John Aldrich ------------------------------------------------------ Well, yeah... that's a given. At least for me, unless I'm ONLY using it on the home LAN over a wired link. :D I was mainly talking about the problems I had getting anything besides a solid gray screen. :D