Dimms on Linux Server

From: Mike Harrison 
On Sat, 2 Jul 2011, Dave Brockman wrote:
> 54......I don't even wanna know... but yeah, best if you can get the LV
> Quad-Ranked DIMMS, which are also the most expensive, but seeing 256GB
> of that stuff makes one mean ESXi host!

Yeah, it'll complain on boot from being a little sub-par on the
interleaving. but it sure seems fast with two quads and CLI only Ubuntu 

I need to give cred to Adam Jimerson for spotting the mismatching dimms
and figuring out the interleaving of the sticks.

Problem with higher end server stuff is you have to do it a lot to stay 
good at it. But the good stuff doesn't break much, hard to stay in 

The DVD for the system config (Dell 710) was kewl, ran some Linux
based interface (that tried to look like windows) for configuring
the server, raid, etc...  but finding the Do-It! button
to actually configure and format the raid was not easy.

It did have auto-install scripts and images for RedHat and Suse. ;)

=============================================================== From: Adam Jimerson ------------------------------------------------------ That is until you found the Do-It! button, everything was brain dead simple, you tell it how many drives you want the raid to use and what kind of raid you want it to build and the "windows" configuration utility handles everything else. The DVD also had some other interesting features like the ability to configure the quad nics, mostly for DRAC/iDRAC but there was a couple of other options as well.