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Newbie jQuery question

From: Tyler Mittan 
If I have list items in my html, is it possible to use either makeArray or
toArray? My understanding is that makeArray makes that which seems like an
array into an actual array. Wouldn't list items count as seemingly
array-like? What purpose does toArray serve then? Thanks for the help!


Winmor and ARDOP are looking for people to port to OSX &Linux

From: Rod-Lists 
Both are sound card modems that allow a computer to interact with a ham radio for data transmissions.
 WINMOR relies on DirectX/.NET sound API programming which may or may not work in mono.
However supposedly >NET has been open sourced so that may help.
Or someone could write and implementation of the spec in another language.

ARDOP is in beta now and is supposed to be the next gen.

Bash on Code Academy

From: David White 
*tl;dr version*

I stumbled on a Bash tutorial in Code Academy today. It's still in beta,
 but I've gone through it, and it looks like it's actually a pretty good
"intro" to bash. It's a little buggy, but since it's in beta, I didn't
expect it to be perfect.

I would recommend it to people wanting to learn the command line.

Funny story - it looks like it really is a true emulator. Not following the
actual Code Academy instructions, I was able to run "man" and view man
pages on some of the commands it was having me run.

*Longer version:*

This week, I've been co-teaching an HTML coding class sponsored by the YMCA
this week using the Digital Pathways curriculum.

We've had a LOT of downtime as most of the time these kids have is lab time.

Long story short, Digital Pathways curriculum was "configured" to use
codeanywhere.com to save the code, but we had massive problems using it, so
we tried using Cloud 9, and started having massive problems over there as

So while me and my co-instructors tried to figure out what to do, we got
the kids signed up to Code Academy and got them started on the basic HTML /
CSS exercises.

I setup my own Code Academy account several months ago, but logged in again

- David

David White
Founder & CEO

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Senior Storage Engineer position in Chattanooga, great rate available

From: Matt Keys 
I've confirmed it's TVA.

Fw: Senior Storage Engineer position in Chattanooga, great rate available

From: Matt Keys 
Passing it along. The note "that all fabric's are independent, highly secur=
e environment" does have me curious who it is... maybe TVA, bank, check int=
o cash?