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Study Finds Password Misuse In Hospitals Is 'Endemic'

From: Rod-Lists 
Scarey considering it is our data they are risking.

[OT] BattleBots is Thursday June 23rd. See me on national TV!

From: Jason Brown 
Sorry for the off topic post, but I have to promote myself on this one...

In case you haven't heard me talking about it yet, I am going to be on
national television!

My team ChaosCorps with our robots Bombshell and Short Fuse will be on
BattleBots starting Thursday June 23rd at 8pm on ABC.
Tune in and witness the destruction! It's going to be an awesome show!

More details available at:

Our team website:

And Facebook:

Jason Brown

Mikrotik Routers

From: Jonathan Calloway 

Has anyone ever heard of Mikrotik?  What reputation do they have?  Would you put large loads on them?


Fiber termination

From: David White 
I have an acquaintance who needs fiber terminated and "an access point
setup" (whatever that means). Not sure if the AP is wireless, not sure if
it's fiber, or what.

Regardless, this guy needs someone to terminate a single fiber connection
for him, and I don't do, know, or have the tools for fiber terminations.

If you're interested in doing the job, contact me off list and I'll put you
in touch.

David White
Founder & CEO


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businesses and nonprofits
Providing: Web Hosting, Technical Support & IT Consulting

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[OT] Geothermal HVAC

From: Dave Brockman 
Sorry for the off-topic noise, but I'm curious if anyone on-list has any
experience with Geothermal HVAC, specifically retrofitting traditional
HVAC ductwork, and even more specifically (although optional), is anyone
aware of any local (to Chattavegas) contractors who deal in this realm?