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Jeff Hoogland Leaves Bodhi

From: Rod-Lists 
'Jeff Hoogland, the lead developer of Bodhi Linux, said in a blog post on Friday that “for a variety of reasons,” he is stepping down from the leadership of his “labor of love.”' . . .

'Hoogland thanked the many supporters and users of Bodhi Linux and welcomed current Bodhi contributors to pick up the reins and continue maintaining the distro. He noted that the servers are paid up until April, 2015.'

'“[E]ven though I no longer have the bandwidth to actively develop Bodhi, I know many enjoy using the project,” he wrote. “So if you are reading this and have an interest in picking up where I am leaving off, please contact me. All Bodhi related code can be found on my GitHub page and I am more than happy to help guide you in the right direction with how things work as you are getting started.”'

Network topology/building a router

From: Dan Lyke 
Okay, that latest "Running Doom on a Canon Printer" exploit has me
thinking a little bit more about network security.

I've started running UFW on my Linux servers, which is awesome, but I
think what I'd really like is something that lets me do that on my
network generally:

* the printer doesn't get any traffic other than 631 (IPP) and maybe
80 and 443, and doesn't get to open connections except in response to
connects from those addresses.

* the webcam in the shop only gets inbound connections on port 80.

* some warning when other devices do things outside of their security
profiles. And even for the printer, it's one thing to apply those
rules, but I should be able to see what it's trying and optionally
allow it to do things like updates.

Any suggestions on where to start?


Vokoscreen screencasting software for Linux -- big thumbs up

From: Phil Shapiro 
I used Vokoscreen earlier today for a blog post I'm writing for MAKE magazine. It works like a charm. 

See my screencast video at 


Bandwidth & Good Food, where do you have working lunches?

From: Rod-Lists 
This one is for the locals. I have to meet with members of a my neighborhood group to do web project.
Looking for suggestions for a place with good food and bandwidth. 
It might be after business hours or on a weekend.


Editors for a Drupal site

From: Rod-Lists 
I'm looking for an editor that supports Markdown and/or LaTexx for a forum site.
Any suggestions would be welcomed.