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Laptops with known Linux support

From: Unkmar 
I'm planning to purchase a few identical laptops with a few minimal

1. Everything works on Linux, preferably Debian.  My arm can be twisted to
allow Ughbuntu.
2. Dual boot.  I need Windows to be on these systems, whether I like it or
not.  The end users will need it.
3. $300-$600.  Clearly the lower number is preferable. Yet..
4. Intel CPU.  As close to i7 as possible.
5. Not Lenovo.  Last I knew, those guys still whitelist their WiFi cards
and I strongly disagree with any form of lock-in.

Well, I guess that covers it.  Obviously more memory is better.  Anything
over 2Gb should be fine.  I'm hoping for 4Gb to 8Gb.

Honestly, drive size and type just doesn't matter much to me.  SSD or Not.
Sure, they boot amazingly fast.  Just not a deal maker either way.   And I
haven't really out grown storage in years unless I horde loads of junk I
don't use anyway.

I'm asking for you help because some of you may have already successfully
done the research. I've looked around and just get frustrated from the
prices jumping around a grand any time I get comfortable with the
specifications.  I'm trying to settle for less and having a hard time
finding anything *NEW* in desired price range.  New is not really the
requirement.  Identical laptops fully supporting Linux and Legal copies of
Windows 7 or higher.  (Identical !!!)

Thanks in advance.
Lucius L. Hilley III

PS: Help me provide a great late X-mas/Birthdary present for a few kids.

Tales of an early morning adventure

From: David White 
For the past couple of days, Ubuntu has prompted me to install an updated
kernel, only for it to tell me that there's not enough space, and the
kernel installation has been aborted.

No worries, I'll just go delete old kernels like I've done in the past
(This system has a fairly small hard drive).

But this time, I decide to do a "apt-get purge linux-image-3.13.0-3*"
(notice the wildcard at the end) instead of removing each kernel
individually. After all, the kernel I'm installing is 3.13.0-48 (well above
the 3* mark), and my then kernel was still 3.13.0-45 or something (in the

Without carefully examining the prompt (are you sure you want to delete
these?) I said yes. It removed every kernel, including the current one. So
then I decide "what the heck, I'll just download the latest kernel again."

I installed a 3.16x kernel instead of the supported 3.13, as "apt-get"
listed it as a an available kernel. I didn't think it would cause
compatibility issues.


After reboot, I had no internet (wlan and eth0 weren't found), and none of
my external USB devices (mouse & keyboard) were working.

All of my USB drives are nowhere to be found, so what do I do? Logically, I
begin to clean my absurdly messy office in the hopes of finding a USB drive.

I eventually found a copy of an Ultimate Boot CD I made a year or so ago,
and try to boot the computer off that.


So then I kept cleaning, organizing cables, finding old batteries, made a
pile of stuff to get rid of, used cable ties to better organize the various
USB and power cables I wanted to keep, etc....

Only other option that I can think of? Boot my old Windows laptop, download
the kernel files manually, take out the hard drive, hook it up to my
SATA-to-USB adapter, and mount Windows as a 2nd hard drive, and manually
install the kernel image.


Half way through this process, I was having trouble getting some of the
screws out of the Windows drive so I could hook it up to my SATA adapter,
my wife had woken up and was working on breakfast, and I had a thought: "My
USB drives are on top my dresser in my bedroom."

Lo and behold, there they were. Of course I found them, not in my office,
after spending 1.5 hours of cleaning and searching for the drives.

Good news: 1 of those drives had the original Ubuntu 14.04 image on it.
Bad news: After booting the PC on the live disc image, I then mounted and
chrooted the laptop hard drive, and internet was still broken (although
when using the CD image as root, internet was working fine).

I decided not to mess with fixing the network, and instead used a 2nd USB
drive to copy over the kernel files I downloaded into Windows earlier.

Booted up, time to eat breakfast.

45 minutes later, logged in, used the Software Center to install the kernel
files, ran apt-get purge to get rid of the 3.16 kernel, ran apt-get
update/upgrade, then ran update-grub.

Rebooted, and finally I have a working PC again.

Moral of the story: Check your prompts carefully when removing something as
important as kernels to make sure you're not removing something you need!

David White
Founder & CEO

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Organizations Worldwide

West Side

From: gary hasty 
ok, I'm officially calling a West Side chugalug meeting in San Francisco
tonight...looks like it will be me and Dan atleast....anyone else flying
this way?

BEST Cellular deal, period. Not Republic Wireless, REAL cellular.

From: Phil Sieg 
So Cricket Wireless (which used to SUCK) is now AT&T=E2=80=99s cheap =

Same towers, same map, same LTE, NOT the same cost.

Unlimited Talk/Text/Data (2.5gb till throttle down to 128kbps) $35

Unlimited Talk/Text/Data (5gb till throttle down to 128kbps) $45

Unlimited Talk/Text/Data (20gb till throttle down to 128kbps) $55

I just switched from StraightTalk which was $45 for Unlimited and 3GB =
(64kbps) and we get a $10 discount for adding my wife.

So I have 2 plans of unlimited with 2.5gb data for each of us for $60 a =

It took me an hour to Port, and that is because I had to Call =
StraigtTalk and tell them to let go of my number.


Phil Sieg
SeniorTech LLC / snapf=C5=8Dn=C2=AE

Phone: 423.535.9968
Fax: 423.265.9820
Mobile: 423.331.0725

"The computer is the most remarkable tool that we've ever come up with. =
It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds."

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

Vending Machine

From: Jonathan Calloway 
I had to wait for the vending machine to boot before I could buy a snack....=

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