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Anybody heard from Ed?

From: Phil Sieg 
Ed King seems to have gone dark. He always warms up to a swap meet. I haven'=
t seen him post in a while. =20

Ed you out there? Somebody just mentioned old Mac gear and Chevy novas....

Phil Sieg
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Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

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Thanks to All!

From: David Rucker 

I just wanted to send out a thank you to everyone that helped with
suggestions on my home network equipment.

Previously I had issues with having more then one device at a time
connected that was accessing the net. I could only use one streaming
service at a time on one device only if I started two both would slow down
and were not usable. If I started downloading something while streaming it
would kick the streaming device basically offline.

After polling the group for ideas/answers I decided to go with Ubiquity
equipment. I got an EdgeRouter X and an AP-LR (non-AC) AC while being
faster just doesn't seem to have much distance.

Well I am happy to report that I have my Ubnt equipment fully setup and its
performance is outstanding for my setup. My Internet is a 250MB/s Fiber
provided by Ringgold Telephone Company. I can now successfully stream HD to
2 devices and simultaneously download at 4+MB/s!

I am thoroughly pleased with the outcome of my equipment purchase. Just for
FYI I have a PoE injector feeding the ER-X and passing through to the AP
and also have a PogoPlug Mobile connected to the ER-X as well. My next
project, for this coming weekend most likely, will be installing Debian and
MiniDLNA on my PogoPlug. I like some of its NAS features but would like to
get away from a 3rd party application/account management. I love the fact
that I am continuing to get use out of it after purchasing it on clearance
while I was working at radioshack 2-3 years ago for about $10!

David R.

PS. Would love to come participate in the HW Swap that is currently in
discussion but I am currently getting ready to go to Japan for ~3 months
and will be leaving in 2 weeks. When I get back thought I will drag some of
my classic Mac stuff to see if anyone is interested.

Proposed Swap Meet

From: Mike Harrison 

> On Apr 27, 2016, at 8:00 AM, David White  wrote:
> I might get in on this too. I don't know why I always seem to be short of power cables... Maybe we can make it a power cable party. Or better yet, maybe it's time for another hardware swap.

I like the idea.. but it seams we all have a lot of hardware. What if we do this in a way and place that might be enticing to the public and advertise it to them. Via Tech Council, Chadev and maybe even some advertising (free/cheap) like Nooga.com, etc.. We need some non-so-techno-hoarders that might actually need/buy some of our “junque”. the date might need to get pushed depending on how much remodelling I need to do 

By late May (the 28th?) I’ll have an office ready for renting out, we’d have an indoor and outdoor area. ‘Net connection, power, etc.. and it’d be a way to show it off as available for rent. And I can clean out multiple storage hoards. 

Proposed idea: 

Chugalug Hardware Swap, Linux Install-Fest and Technology Give-Away

Date: May 28th, Saturday 10am to 7pm

Where: 1028 Signal Mtn Road, Suite 100 and Parking Lot



Power cables

From: "William D. Roush" 
Well the one thing I always seem to have too many of in the past... I appea=
r to be out of.

Anyone got a box or a big ol' pile of them that don't mind me having a few?=
 I could probably use like 6 standard NEMA 5-15P to C13. Sure I can get the=
m dirt cheap but figured I'd ask if anyone is buried in some first...

William Roush | www.roushtech.net
Phone: 423.933.2114 | Email: william.roush@roushtech.net

[CHUGALUG] [OT] For Sale: MacBook Pro Retina i7, 8GB, 500Gb SSD Mid-2012

From: Wil Wade 
Selling a MacBook Pro Mid-2012:

Proc: 2.6 GHz i7 Quad Core
Memory: 8GB 1600 DDR3
Display: 15.4" Retina (512 MB Intel Graphics)
Storage: 500 GB Flash/SSD
Battery: Works for hours (reports ~9hrs at full charge with nothing running)

Just wiped. Great condition. Only flaw is that there is a spot on the left
command key where I apparently rest my finger.

How much you ask? I saw prices for this thing all over the place
($800-1,200), but for a Chugaluger or Chugaluger friend $700. (People you
don't like are welcome as well, but feel free to jack up the price and
we'll spit the extra profit!)


423-600-9233 (text > voice)