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From: Jonathan Calloway 

As some of you know, I have been working a third shift operations type job now for a year.  This means that I have not been able to attend any Chugalunches or other CHUGALUG events.  

However, this week (4/20-4/24) I will be doing some training in the day time.  I would like to call a "Chuga-get-together" for one evening this week.

Now, I know what the rules are. . . you call the event, you pick the time and place.  However, as chairman of this event, I would like to open this to the floor for suggestions, so that everyone has the opportunity to chime in on time preferences and places (Besides, you guys always come up with interesting places I haven't heard of before).

My only requirements are that it has to be in the evening (after 5PM) and it has to be at a place where adult beverages can be consumed.  

I'm looking forward to seeing you all again!

Jonathan Calloway

Gb Wireless question....

From: Joseph Simoneau 
I just moved into a house. Comcast is coming this afternoon (because we
have no choice in providers here) to do the install.

Assuming he can't get a cable line to my server closet, I was planning on
doing a Gb bridge from wherever the modem ends up to my homelab.

Is there anything specific I need to look for in the wireless hardware to
do this? Or just a few ac APs/Routers (one for each floor with one feeding
the others with wan and one with a wired connection to my switch/router)
and set them up right?

Anyone have any products to recommend?

I'd like to not spend thousands, but price isn't really an issue otherwise.


OT - Nearby HIPPA compliant data centers

From: David White 
What is / are the closest HIPPA-compliant data centers nearby?

I'm not seriously thinking about putting hardware into one, but just
brainstorming options for a potential client.

David White
Founder & CEO

*Develop CENTS *
Computing, Equipping, Networking, Training & Supporting
Organizations Worldwide

Arduino/Raspi Relay board

From: Joe Freeman 
Greetings All-

I am looking to put together a small system to monitor and control my
aquaponics system. I already have a raspi model B, but have been trying to
figure out the best way to go about doing this. I can get something like
the Sainsmart 8 port 5v relay board and drive it from the raspi's GPIO
pins, but I'm wondering if this isn't something better done with an arduino.

Specific requirements at the moment are to be able to turn one 500gph pump
on for 15 minutes every hour 24x7, record water temperature (using a water
proof temperature sensor), and record greenhouse temperature.

Later phases will include monitoring ph, ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite
levels, water level in the tank, and being able to shunt (using some
solenoid valves) a portion of the water flow through a smaller mix tank
that would allow mixing with certain agents to raise/lower ph as needed to
keep the system at an average ph of 7.0. I'd also like to include a flow
meter to monitor water flow rate.

I'm thinking the arduino route may be the way to go to at least instrument
the system, possibly with the raspi collecting data, doing analysis, and
notification/dashboard duties.

Does anyone have any thoughts/advice?


Remote hand in Nashville

From: Dave Brockman 
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I'm looking for a remote hand in Nashville, TN tomorrow.  Needs to
have a Cisco console cable, ability to connect it via serial to a
Cisco ASA, and type in 5 commands.  Paying gig, super easy 10 minute
call.  Anyone have any leads?


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