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From: K I 
 I am no GitHub expert. I am lazy and just stuck with SVN. Until now. Does =
the GitHub user interface get more intuitive with experience? It seems quit=
e crappy.

Or maybe it is just frustration. I generated my key, added it to the projec=
t and it still says access is denied. I do not want to be a GitHub expert. =
I just want the Fu-reakin' thing to work. I thought I was good at following=
 instructions on the GitHub help pages, but apparently not. Any experts out=
 there know of good How To resources?

It seems to like me ok:

$ ssh -T -ai ~/.ssh/id

Postfix v3 Quota

From: Dave Brockman 
Anyone on list running postfix v3.x, virtual users, and quotas?



Level3 Outage

From: David White 
Seems that Level3 is (was) having issues: and

I haven't been affected.

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Systemd Rolls Out Its Own Mount Tool

From: Rod-Lists 
Resistance futile! Linux will be assimilated!

Systemd-mount is the newest tool added to systemd by Lennart Poettering. 

The systemd-mount command is similar to the traditional mount command on Linux systems but with some differences. 

Lennart describes in the documentation for systemd-mount, "instead of executing the mount operation directly and immediately, systemd-mount schedules it through the service manager job queue, so that it may pull in further dependencies (such as parent mounts, or a file system checker to execute a priori), and may make use of the auto-mounting logic." 

Systemd-mount was added to systemd Git yesterday and will be part of the upcoming systemd 232 release. This is part of their greater work on transient mounts and automounts within the systemd scope.

[OT] Bitcoin

From: Stephen Haywood 
Please, no flamewars. No pontifications on what Bitcoin is or isn=E2=80=99=
t. I need to accept Bitcoin payments for a project and I just want to =
know if any of you have recommendation for a good Bitcoing wallet =
management site.

To bring it slightly on topic, the project is running on an Ubuntu 16.04 =
server hosted at Digital Ocean. :)